How to enable logging and access GravityKit logs

Sometimes, our support team needs additional information to help figure out what is causing problems. To help debug the issue, we ask customers to activate logging by following these steps:

1) Go to the Gravity Kit Settings page and access the Technical tab:

2) Turn on Enable Logging, and make sure to Save Settings:

3) Use GravityView as usual.

If you're experiencing a specific issue, perform the steps necessary to replicate the problem.

4) Return to the GravityKit Technical Settings page.

You'll now see a link to download a log file:

5) Right-click the log file link (or hold down Control while clicking) and select the option similar to the following options:

In Safari: "Download Linked File"

In Firefox: "Save Link As…"

In Chrome: "Save Link As…"

The text may vary slightly depending on your browser and operating system.

6) Send us the downloaded log file.

Once we have the log file, we'll be able to assist you better!

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