Getting Started With the Featured Entries Extension

In this article, we’ll show you how to get set up with the Featured Entries extension.

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Installing the Featured Entries Extension

You can install the Featured Entries extension from inside WordPress. First, hover over "GravityKit" and click on "Products & Licenses".

The Products and Licenses link underneath the GravityKit menu itemHow, scroll down to "Featured Entries" (under "Extensions") and click "Install Now".

The Install Now button for the GravityView Featured Entries extension

When the extension has finished installing, click Activate. Now you can start marking entries as “featured”.

Marking Entries as “Featured”

First, hover over Forms and click Forms. Now hover over your form and click on the Entries link. On the Entries page, you’ll see a list of all your form entries. To mark an entry as featured, simply click the star icon on the left.

The star will turn orange for entries that are featured.

An orange star icon next to entries that are featured

After featuring some entries, head back to your View. Featured entries will be highlighted in yellow.

A featured entry in GravityView highlighted in yellow

To change the highlight color of featured entries, read this article.

Moving Featured Entries to the Top of the Results

If you want featured entries to show up at the top of the results, open your View editor, scroll down to the View Settings and check the box that says “Move Featured Entries to Top”.

A checkbox allowing you to move featured entries to the top of the results in the GravityView View Settings

That’s it!

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