The "Use this field to filter entries" setting

This setting is required for the filter to work correctly.

If you want the links to filter users based on first name, for example, you would choose the First Name field.

Filtering Example

Let's say your form has entries with the following people's names:

  • Amanda Doe
  • Charlie Rondel
  • Faye Lowry
  • George Smith
  • Julie Fallon
  • Rachel McDonnell
  • Raurie McDonnell
  • Steve Wang

Then you visit the View and click on the R link in the A-Z Filter widget.

What happens when you click on the R link

  • If you chose the field Last Name when you set up the widget, the list would be narrowed to Charlie Rondell because R is the first letter of the Last Name value.
  • If you choose First Name as the field to filter by, there will be two entries: Rachel McDonnell and Raurie McDonnell. That is because their names both begin with R.
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