Duplicating or copying a View

The ability to duplicate a View is already included in Version 1.6 and higher of GravityView. 

The feature can be accessed from inside the Edit View screen (the "Clone View" link on the image below):

...or from the Views listing page using the "Clone" link that shows up when hovering over a View name:

Note: Users must have the copy_gravityviews capability to copy a View. By default, this is enabled for Administrator and Editor roles. Learn more about GravityView capabilities

If you are using the Duplicate Post plugin:

If you cannot see the Clone link, make sure to enable "Custom post types" type in the "Other options" tab on this plugin's settings page (Copy & Delete Posts menu on the Dashboard):

Screenshot of the settings page of the Duplicate Post plugin

What's the difference between clicking "Clone" and "New Draft"?

  • Clicking "Clone" will duplicate the View, including its status. You will be taken back to the All Views screen, and you will see the new View in the list.
  • Clicking "New Draft" will duplicate the View, set the status to Draft, and take you to the Edit View screen to edit the newly created View.
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