GravityKit pricing updates FAQ

In November 2023, we enhanced our pricing to better reflect the value offered by our products. Additionally, we introduced GravityView Pro, a comprehensive license that bundles GravityView with all our premium extensions and layouts.

Below, we answer questions regarding these pricing changes.

What happened to the GravityView + Extensions license?

We upgraded GravityView + Extensions to GravityView Pro.

We wanted to make it easier and more affordable to get access to everything GravityView has to offer. We found that many people wanted one of our powerful Layouts (DataTables, Maps, DIY) but, previously, Layouts were only available bundled in the All Access Pass.

Many customers would upgrade to the All Access Pass specifically to use a layout they wanted. With GravityView Pro, you now get access to GravityView, our premium Extensions, and all our Layouts at a single affordable price.

What inspired the change in site licenses?

Based on our research, we found that the majority of our users have between 1–3 active sites. A minority of users have more than three active sites, and a handful of users have close to 50 active sites.

Therefore, we decided to remove the unlimited site option and offer 1, 3 or 50-site license options across all of our plugins.

If you require more than 50 active sites, get in touch with us. We would be happy to build you a bespoke plan.

Will my current license rate stay the same?

Yes! Your current, active license will not be affected as long as the subscription remains active. If you decide to cancel your subscription, renewals will be at the current pricing.

My existing license has a different activation level—will I lose it?

You wil keep your existing license limits. Licenses that were purchased prior to November 2, 2023 will retain existing activation limits.

Why did you remove the All Access Lifetime option?

Our All Access license increases in value over time as we add new products and improve existing products. Because of this, it is better suited as a subscription offering.

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