The license key keeps disappearing

If you unexpectedly find your license key(s) missing from the GravityKit Products & Licenses page, it is likely due to a change in WordPress's secret keys. These are typically defined in WordPress's configuration file (wp-config.php ) and are used for various security purposes, including encryption/decryption of licensing data by our products. When these keys change, the licensing data can no longer be read, and the installed GravityKit products will appear as unlicensed.

Plugins such as Sucuri Security and Salt Shaker can regenerate security keys automatically. Your hosting provider may also randomly rotate these keys. 

To prevent this from happening, you can:

  • Disable automatic security keys regeneration in Sucuri (as described below)
  • Deactivate and delete the Salt Shaker plugin
  • Ask your hosting provider to not change those keys;
  • Hard-code GravityKit licenses
  • Define a GRAVITYKIT_SECRET_KEY constant in wp-config.php or elsewhere with a custom random value similar to WP’s AUTH_KEY. For example, define( 'GRAVITYKIT_SECRET_KEY', '<random value>'). The value can be generated here.

If you are confident that your security keys haven't changed and you are still experiencing the disappearing license keys issue, please contact our support team for further assistance.

Disabling security keys rotation in Sucuri Security

  1. Go to Sucuri SecuritySettings in your WordPress admin dashboard
  2. Select the Hardening tab
  3. Disable the Activate Automatic Secret Keys Updater option

Screenshot of the Sucuri Settings page

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