Changing information on your invoice

You can change the information on your invoice by following the steps below.

1) Go to your GravityKit Account page

...and click on the Billing & Invoices tab. On the Billing History section, find the payment you want to modify its information and click on the "View Invoice" link.

Screenshot of the account page showing the Billings & Invoices tab2) On the invoice details page, click the "Update" button under the INVOICE TO section:

Screenshot showing the invoice editing screen3) Add or modify your company, billing address, and tax information:

Screenshot showing the information fields

After filling in the fields, make sure to click on the "Save billing details & generate invoice" button down the page. You'll be redirected back to the invoice details page.

4) Print or download a PDF of the updated invoice

Screenshot showing the invoice with new information

If you need further assistance with an invoice, make sure to contact us:

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