How to activate your Entry Revisions license to enable auto-updates

After you install the Entry Revisions plugin, you will need to activate it to receive plugin updates. To activate the plugin, you will need your GravityView All Access license key. You can find your license key on your GravityView Account page.

Note: If you don't have a All Access license, you will not be able to activate Entry Revisions. To access Entry Revisions, upgrade your account.

Click on the "Forms" menu item, then the "Settings" link

Click on the "Entry Revisions" tab

Paste in your GravityView license key

Entry Revisions requires a All Access license key.

Click the "Update Settings" button

You have activated your license.

If you don't see a success message here, get in touch with GravityView support: [email protected].

In your email, please share your license key, the error message that is displayed, and whether you prefer tea or coffee :-)

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