Your GravityKit Account page

You can access your license keys, upgrade and renew your licenses, and manage your active sites on the  GravityKit Account page.

Find your license key

If you need to find your license key, first log into your GravityKit Account page.

1. The license key is on the "Your Licenses" tab. Click inside the box to select the license key. Copy this text to your clipboard.

Screenshot of the Account page

2. Now, go to the GravityView plugin and open the "Settings" page. Paste your license key and press "Activate." Your license is now active!

Screenshot of GravityView's Settings page

Manage Active Sites

GravityKit licenses come with a fixed number of domains on which they can be activated. If you want to deactivate a domain, you can do on the Settings page of the GravityView plugin.

However, if you have previously transferred a, this won't work. In cases like these, you can manage your activated domains from your GravityKit Account page.

1. Your activated sites are shown below your license key.

Screenshot of the activated sites

2. To deactivate a site, Click on the "x" next to the domain you want to deactivate.

Screenshot showing how to deactivate a website

3. You can now activate another site using your license key!

Upgrading Your License

To upgrade your license, go to your GravityKit Account page.

If you can upgrade, the options will appear on the "Your Licenses" tab, under "Upgrades". Click the link to upgrade.

Screenshot of the links to upgrade a license

Renew Your License

When your license expires, you can renew it on the  GravityKit Account page.

1. Click the "Renew Your License Today" link next to the license you want to renew.

Screenshot showing an expired license

2. You will be taken to the Checkout page where you'll see pricing information and possible discounts:

Screenshot of the renewal page

3. Once you complete your purchase, the license will be shown as "Active" on your Account page.

Screenshot showing an active license

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