Cloning a user role

Cloning a user role is an excellent alternative to creating a new role from scratch or changing permissions on an existing role, which would affect all users currently assigned to that role.

This is helpful if you want some users to have unfiltered_html capabilities who are currently Authors or Editors.

To clone a role:

1. Install and Activate the Members plugin:

Installing and activating the Members plugin

2. Go to Users > Roles

Clicking on the Roles submenu under Users

3. Click Clone below the role you wish to duplicate

Clicking the Clone link under an existing role

4. Make your changes on the Edit Role page

Click the links on the left to review the capabilities then check Grant or Deny on the right to add or remove permissions. You can also rename the role in the space provided.

An overview of the role editor included with the Members plugin

5. Save your modified role by clicking the Add Role button

Your role is now saved and ready to be assigned to users.

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